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A corner of Sardinia near you ...

It is our pleasure to offer you a relaxed and comfortable place to enjoy our cuisine.
A part of our menu is inspired by the Sardinian tradition, but you can sample the best of Mediterranean cuisine.
We also have a wood stove where a master pizza maker cooks excellent pizzas, something for everyone.
Select daily great meat and fresh fish as well as vegetables and pasta, so you can make healthy and tasty dishes.
All our dishes are freshly prepared by chefs with passion and care professionals; for this sometimes takes wait a few more minutes ...
Our staff is courteous and thoughtful Finally, attentive to your needs and can help you choose the menu.


Ogliastra (Ollastra or Ozzastra in Sardinian) is a historical and geographical region in the central-eastern Sardinia, belongs to the Barbagia, for this was formerly known as Barbagia Trigònia

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An evening with friends, an aperitif or a romantic dinner, the restaurant Sapori of Ogliastra is always open, just give us a call and we will find the right accommodation for your needs.
Can also book you email through the form..

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Sardinian Specialties

Sardinian cuisine is very diverse but the common element is the simplicity: generally the food is handled just under preparation and it focuses on the goodness of the starting product.
Varied and diverse, ranging from roasted meats, bread, cheese, wine, meat and seafood dishes, both pastoral farming derivation, game fishing, and gathering wild herbs. Is considered part of the Mediterranean diet, nutritional model proclaimed in the 2010 Unesco World Heritage oral and intangible heritage of humanity